The Bikini Governor Girl Starring Avalon Dawn and Alisa Davidson

When a category 5 hurricane threatens her state, the bikini girl governor becomes a hero by ordering an evacuation. Before saving lives, she considers turning to another American hero for help.

It’s political satire in some way. Inspired by true events – there have actually been hurricanes spotted off the coast of several states over the years.

Can you spot the blooper?

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Starring Alisa Davidson as the Lt Governor
And Avalon Dawn as The Governor

Space Explorers Starring Alisa Davidson and Avalon Dawn

Avalon and Alisa play bikini wearing space explorer girls from the planet Zemulax. When they visit a strange planet called Earth, will they encounter terrifying space creatures, or will intergalactic war break out?

Maybe the people on their planet wear swimsuits all the time. Maybe they are all pretty girls. Who knows? We don’t really get that in-depth with it.

If you like science fiction, comedy, or bikini models, enjoy the funny skit – and please tell your friends and enemies if they like to┬áLOL

Starring Alisa Davidson and Avalon Dawn in swimsuits